1 Day Picnic

1 Day Picnic


From Babughat to Diamond Harbour. 1000 per head minimum 100 head. Office picnic, school picnic, birthday party, any get together arranged by us. Big vessel with full of entertainment. childrens game with DJ.

Detailed Daywise Itinerary

9.30 A.M - Wellcome Drink,Luchi, Alurdam,Misty

11.30 A.M - Chicken Pokora with Salad.

2 P.M - Alu fry, Veg Dal, Rice, Curry, Mutton Kosa, Fruit Chatny, Misty

After noon - Tea Biscuit.


2 P.M - Egg Devill,Salad, Radha ballavi, Chanamasla, Friedrice, Mutton Kosa, Chatni, Papad, Misty