Sundarban tour 2 Nights 3 Days

Sundarban tour 2 Nights 3 Days


Minimum 15 head, 3000 / per head (Night stay at launch), and 3800 / per head (Night stay at hotel). For AC Room 500 extra per head,  Hotel stay minium double sharing, No Gyser facilitys, Hot water backet provided from operator.

Detailed Daywise Itinerary

07.42 A.M - 12.00P.M :- On day one, we start our journey towards Sundarban tour from Kolkata, the Durga puja capital of India. You can avail for traveling to Sonakhali ferry ghat, by train from Sealdah station.

Starting from Sealdah Station at 7.42 A.M / 8.28 A.M By Canning local we will reach Canning Around 9.00 A.M / 9.50 A.M. Pick up from Caning Railway Station by Auto heading towards Sonakhali ferry Ghat at 9.50 am to board on launch.

Now the actual thrill begins. As we board the Sundarban launch and head towards our first destination, Gosaba, the windy Matla Riverand the green vegetation upon its delta is surely to take your heart away from the dun of the city life. 

12.00 PM - 1.00PM :- First, the Suburban tourism package will take us to the Sundarbans tour of 2 bungalows, the first is the Beacon bungalow. It is one of the most prominent Sundarban historical Bunglow and is famous because it was Tagore's abode during his Sundarban tour.

Next, we head towards another of the major Sundarban bunglow that is Hamilton bungalow. 

1.00 PM - 5.00PM :- Delicious Lunch will be served on the launch. Then our Sundarban trip moves towards the Pakhir Jungle. This place is a true paradise for bird lovers and an amusement even for the general lot. The thousands of birds from various species arrive and fly around the island, making it a beautiful destination. 

5.00 PM - 10.00PM :- The long day of Sundarban tour from Kolkata finally comes to an end as we reach one of the residential Sundarbans hotels at Pakhiralaya Island/ Dayapur and rest to prepare for the second day of Sundarban tour package of 1 night 2 days. Enjoy the enchanting evening with local Folk Caltural program along with Tea and Snacks. Dinner will be served on launch/ Hotel

07.00 AM :- Early morning we will start Sunderban delta Safari through boat.

07.30 AM :- Start Jungle Safari guided by our Govt tourist Guide at Sajnekhali Reserve.

08.30 AM :- We will start our thrilling boat Safari through various rivers , Islands & small Creeks covering Pirkhali, SarakKhali, Gazikhali, Deul Varani, Banbib Varani. In this Tiger Reserve area for our share of viewing animals like spotted deer, crocodile, wild boar, snakes, water monitor lizard, different types of birds and also Royal Bengal Tiger ( if you are lucky).

12.30 AM :- Visit Do-Banki Tiger Reserve Area & Watch Tower. The 896 meter canopy walk at Do Banki gives you an opportunity to view wildlife from a netted enclosure.

01.30 PM :- Visit Panchamukhni through Boat.

After this thriling Sundarban Nation Park Safari we will reach at pakhiralaya village for marketing.

10.00 pm dinner will be served 

8.00 am boat will start from pakhiralaya break first will provided at launch see the world largest mangrove beauty we will reach jharkhali.

12.30 Purchase ticket we will entered Prajapati Park we will see the world famous royal Bengal tiger and many large crocodile at butterfly.

The Park is very beautiful

2.00 pm Lunch will be served

3.00 pm our next destination kaikhali Asram

4.30 pm tea will be served

5.00 pm we will reach sonakhali end tour head back to Kolkata

Discover Sundarban Menu Details

Day 1 :

Breakfast - 10 A.M Jam Bread, Banana , Sweet , Tea Biscuit

11.30 Amudi Fish Fry with salad

Lunch – 2 P.M, Rice Dal, Potato. Chips, Mution (200 Gm), Chatni , Papad, Nolengur Sweet

Afternoon – 4.30 Tea, Biscuit

Evening – 7. 00  P.M Egg Chowmein

Dinner  - 10.00 P.M Fried Rice, Chilli Chicken

Day 2 :

Morning - 7 A.M Bed Tea, Biscuit

Breakfast – 9 A.M Luchi (unlimited), Channa Dal , Sweet , Tea Biscuit

11.00 A.M – French fry with Salad

Lunch – 2.00 P.M Rice, Veg Dal, Katla Fish, Carb, Kalia, Chatni Papad

Dinner – 10.00 P.M Basmati pulao,  Beguni with Egg Kosha (2 pcs)

Day 3 :

Morning  - 7.00 Bed Tea, Biscuit

Breakfast – 9.00 am Kochuri with Alurdom Sweet, Tea, Biscuit

Lunch – 2 pm, Rice Dal, Fry, chicken kosa (200 grm),Chatni, Papad

Afternoon - Tea, Biscuit

Evening - Chicken Biryani (Parcel)


  • Pickup & drop sealdah by Local Train.
  • Pick up & Drop from Canning To Ferrighat by Auto.
  • All Meals like Bed tea, Breakfast, lunch, tiffin, dinner as per package schedule.
  • Jungle Permission.
  • Entry Fee.
  • Boat Safari.
  • Tour Manager.
  • Govt. Tourist Guide.
  • Local Folk Cultural Program.
  • Mattress & pillow at Launch. (Please note: No luxurious facilities are available at our launch for Night Stay. This is only for adventure lovers.)


  • Personal expenditure.
  • Coolie Charge.
  • Any meal out of inclusions.
  • Video Camera Permission Charges Rs.200/- Per Day.